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Empires: Where do I Start?



With a large selection of dice systems and supplements, the Empires wargame can look a bit daunting at first but this game has been written to be as simple as possible. So, in order to help find what you are looking for, we have written a brief guide to each expansion/supplement with links to the appropriate page on Wargame Vault to read more about the products.



Whatever you want to play be it historical or fantasy, with or without dice then this guide should help you decide which downloads you will get the most out of in your Empire battles.






Empires: D6 Edition - Our BEST Seller


Empires: D6 Edition follows from the popular Empires: Core Rules rulebook, but with one BIG exception, a diced wargame mechanic; a published diced wargame from War of Life Gaming.


Immerse yourself in the living rulebook that brings diversity to the old world; fighting Greek Hoplites with Napoleon’s Hussars, or Praetorian Cavalry with Templar Knights, or Elves with Dwarves.


Defeat you're opponents with tactical prowess and superior skill. Using small to large units of troops, ranging from the ancients to the Napoleonic’s and from any scale, you hope to weaken the enemy so that they flee, or are wiped out.


Empires is suitable for all war-gamers, beginner or veteran; as the rules can be basic or advanced depending on how many upgrades are taken for each unit; and with over 16 unit types/variances, and more than 50 upgrades/modifiers, no battles will be the same.



Empires Core Rulesets available to buy now:

The Empires Wargame is Copyright to War of Life Gaming 2015

The downloads on this page are links that will send you to either our publisher's page or straight the downloads own webpage.




An Historical and Fantasy Wargame for the TableTop

D6, D10, D20 and Diceless Editions Available